University of Miami School of Law
Congressman Joe Garcia, JD ’91, Tells Law Students of Cuban Community’s Symbolic Ties to Israel and Jewish Diaspora

University of Miami Distraction Magazine
Roe vs. Wade Attorney visits UM

International Graduate Law Programs Press Releases

Ukrainian Student Kristina Klykova to Make Leap from Graduate to International Visiting Assistant Professor

International Graduate Law Programs’ Director Welcomed to Mexico on Recruiting Trip

Top International Litigator Carolyn Lamm, JD ’73, Lectures on Emerging Issues in Investor-State Arbitration

Short Course in International Arbitration Broadens Horizons for Brazilian Visitors

Professor van den Berg Demystifies Investment Arbitrators

Miami Dade College Forum
Shining a Light on Student Success
Gearing Up For College


Guest Blog Posts
Reflections From A Recent Graduate

Newsletter: The SFPA Legal Journal
2011: Volume IVolume IIVolume IIIVolume IV
Volume IVolume II

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